Mukherjee Lab


The underlying technique our lab is built upon is a hematopoetic/mesenchymal stem cell coculture. In this system we are able to acurately recreate the bone marrow niche in-vitro, manipulate the microenvironment, and investigate the effects of such manipulations on the niche using fluorescence imaging, flow cytometry, in situ immunohistochemistry, and serial transplants.


Our murine leukemic model of AML uses a fluorescent (dsRed) variant of the well documented multipotent, self renewing, hematapoetic cell overexpressing MLL-AF9.


Using shRNAi we have individually knocked down thousands of genes in leukemic and healthy hematapoetic cells. By means of this high-throughput screening, we are discovering the function of many new and exciting genes specifically those involved in quiesence, cell cycle, and differentiation.