Mukherjee Lab


The goal of the Mukherjee lab is to understand the biology of hematopoiesis and leukemia to develop therapeutic interventions against this leukemia. To this end, we have studied the mechanisms that maintain HSC quiescence in their normal physiological niche and devised novel screening strategies in AML biology.

We are a multi-discipline laboratory located in the new Herbert Irving Cancer Center at Columbia University in northern Manhattan. We maintain close ties and collaberate extensively with the Broad Institute at MIT and the Harvard Stem Cell Institute.

In prior work, we showed that the osteoblastic niche regulates HSC proliferation and, if deregulated, can enable leukemia. We have also demonstrated that marrow microenvironment can be therapeutically targeted with small molecules in disease states.

As such, the intersections of HSC and AML biology, and the dissection of quiescence mechanisms, represents a natural, but experimentally innovative, direction in our work.